About Maria

Maria Mocerino is a storyteller, language nerd and aventurière who splits spends her time between New York, Los Angeles, and Napoli: traveling is her way of life. Narrative – in all its forms and applications – has been the driving force behind Maria's passions and pursuits because it is, quite literally, the fruit of the loom–the fabric of our lives. After graduating from New York University with a BFA in Theatre and Art History, Maria studied physical theatre at École Internationale du Théâtre du Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France. There she added clowning, mask, mime, and acrobatics to her toolbox which forever changed her relationship to space, character, and the notion of failure. While in Paris she also became a Storytelling Coach, consulting with individuals across various industries on how to use their bodies, voices and imagery to communicate their message. 

Most recently, Maria served as the Culture Editor for Rogue Magazine in Los Angeles. Upcoming projects include her first novel and a book about actress Barbara Harris. A bonafide lover of travel, vintage clothes and gymnastics. If there is a terrace, trampoline, or sale, Maria’s probably on it.