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Sarah Shahi

"Vibrant, funny, sensual, it is no wonder that her given name is Aahoo, which means gazelle in Persian. Often seen as a symbol of love and female beauty, it is a fitting name for the Iranian-American actress."

Gregory Siff

"Staring up at the Dream Hotel in Hollywood, where the gallery of Gregory Siff is nestled, it feels rather metaphoric and romantic as an idea. A hotel gives an artist a home? Sounds like a dream."

Corinne & Krystyna

"Bold, sexy, outspoken and raunchy; this hilarious dynamic duo extinguishes the shame that inhibits our freedom of sexual expression with open communication, education, humor and self-love."

Agnez Mo 

"Although the name might strike still unfamiliar to those of us in the United States, this Indonesian powerhouse comes to U.S. soil with a serious track record of over two decades of success abroad. "


Danai Gurira

"At that moment, I made the decision to become a storyteller, to change my whole plan and to focus largely on African women's stories because they are so under told. Yet they are such astounding stories that must be told.”


Finn Jones

"The life of Finn Jones sparkles with a charmed quality, an extraordinary example of being in the right place at the right time— and—at the risk of sounding cliche, following your inner compass. ”

Rachel Chavkin

"Walking into the smash-hit musical Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, we don't find ourselves in a theatre. We end up in a Russian supper club. It is a show as atypical as the career of director Rachel Chavkin."

Yelena Moskovich  

"With an atmosphere evocative of David Lynch, Murakami and Angela Carter, The Natashas is a surreal exploration of identity and sexuality that pull three seemingly disparate worlds together like dissonant strings."


Zebra Katz

"Aggressive, sexy, theatrical, enigmatic, Zebra Katz is the underdog, the “dark lord of hip-hop” brought into being by Ojay Morgan. He rose to public attention with his minimal and haunting track, Ima Read."

Nate Koch

"Producer Nate Koch has been in the New York immersive theatre scene for the past ten years, but theatre is too limiting a word to describe his experience. Koch shows just how creative a producer's job is."

Fekat Circus

"Fekat Circus was founded in 2004 by former street kids in the suburbs of Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Fekat or blossoming in Amharic, is a circus troupe with the aim of bringing about social change."