Sarah shahi (print)

"Her great-great grandfather was Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, the second Shah of Iran who ruled from 1797-1834. Jump ahead to the 1970’s, Iran was heading towards a revolution that would overthrow the 2500 year-old monarchy and replace it with an Islamic Republic. Any of its remaining descendants had to flee or be executed—Shahi’s father included."

danai Gurira (print)

"Fierce doesn’t cut it. Talented is scratching the surface. As Michonne on the Walking Dead, Okoye in Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War; a critically acclaimed playwright; the organizer behind multiple initiatives to bring awareness and opportunities to African voices, she’s an unstoppable force. Danai Gurira inspires all of us to dig a little deeper."


Yelena moskovich

"Imaginative, beguiling, perplexing, daring—Yelena Moskovich made a distinct splash with her debut novelWith an atmosphere evocative of David Lynch, Murakami and Angela Carter, The Natashas is a surreal exploration of identity and sexuality that pull three seemingly disparate worlds together like dissonant strings."