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Stairwell to Heaven or The Halloween Office Party

Maggie is having a hard time moving forward from a past that she cannot forget. On the way to a corporate office Halloween party, Maggie makes a wish to return to her first love Frenchie and crosses the threshold into Heaven. Through a mad and divine ticker-tape parade their romance twists and turns in strange directions. The night will lead Maggie across her history of love; what was inherited, what was lost and what is still present. Led by her divine sister Ganeshly (head of PR in heaven) and best friend “D!” (Death) Maggie goes back, forward, and sideways through all ages and eternity as she searches for a new beginning. Will she ever make it out of this Halloween Office Party? An homage to all the gods in the universe, to anyone and everyone who is alive, dead, and ready to party.

Angels Are The Highest Form Of Virtue: Remembering Barbara Harris

In the nineteen-sixties, actress Barbara Harris was the fastest rising star New York had ever seen. An original member of Chicago’s The Second City, Tony Award winner, and Academy Award nominee, Harris was considered one of the great originals in theatre. Although the seventies were the peak of her cinematic fame, starring in iconic films such as Robert Altman’s Nashville, Hitchcock’s Family Plot, the original Freaky Friday, she also faded from our view. Now hardly anyone remembers who she is. Upon discovering Barbara Harris, that became unbelievable to me. It inspired a mission and spawned an investigation to find the singular and supernatural talent, and human being that was Barbara Harris. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she lived and soon after died, but what I found was a beautiful miracle.

Denis de Rue St. Denis

Rue St. Denis, 1960

Rue St. Denis, 1960

For Denis, walking the streets of Paris has been his ritual, his own act of devotion since he was a little boy. But now Denis is an old man who has reached the end. Or so he has decided, that today is the last day of his life. In honor of the occasion, Denis takes one final promenade through his beloved city, which brings him to the street on which he grew up. Rue St. Denis is one of Paris’ oldest streets, infamous for les prostituées waiting in the thresholds of apartment buildings for a customer. Fascinated by these mysterious women in their niches, ever-present as the statues outside the portals of the Notre Dame, they will transfigure into the women he loved throughout his lifetime. Together they congregate and flank his procession through the sacred and profane, the flesh and spirit.